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photo of young boy brushing his teeth.

Oral Health Program

Optimal Oral Health for All Minnesotans

Oral disease, although nearly 100 percent preventable, affects children, adults and families across Minnesota every day. While oral diseases are significant, their relationship to overall general health is often overlooked. It is the role of dental public health to prevent and control dental diseases and promote dental health through organized community efforts.

The Oral Health Program is part of the Center for Health Promotion at the Minnesota Department of Health. This public health program works to build the infrastructure and capacity of oral health within Minnesota.

The Oral Health Program works with partners throughout the state to reduce the prevalence and impact of oral disease. It also works to enhance oral health care access and addresses oral health disparities in Minnesota. The focus is on essential public health functions as related to assessment, policy development and assurance.

Oral Health-related Programs at the Minnesota Department of Health

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