Tobacco Prevention and Control

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We are working to improve the health of Minnesotans by promoting the reduction of tobacco use, and by connecting health professionals and the public to valuable resources, including information on smoking cessation and the effects of tobacco use, educational materials, and guidance on community-based tobacco prevention programs. Our work in tobacco prevention and control is focused on:

  • Preventing initiation of tobacco use among youth and young adults.
  • Reducing current tobacco use among youth and adults.
  • Eliminating nonsmokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities.
  • Continuing to provide leadership on tobacco prevention and control in Minnesota and nationwide.


University of Minnesota goes tobacco-free

The University of Minnesota, one of the largest academic institutions in the state, went tobacco-free on July 1, 2014. Tobacco-free environments not noly encourage people to quit, they help protect people from the harms of secondhand smoke.

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Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking & Health—50th Anniversary: 1964-2014


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