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Call it Quits Referral Program
Call it Quits Referral ProgramFrequently Asked Questions

The Call it Quits Referral Program allows providers to easily refer any patients – regardless of insurance status – to telephone counseling for tobacco cessation via a single fax form.

Telephone counseling is a proven and effective form of tobacco cessation services, and by registering for the program and referring patients, quitline coaches can proactively contact your patients who are interested in quitting and enroll them in counseling programs.

About the program

Is it free?

The Call it Quits Referral Program is free for both the clinics and patients, confidential (following HIPAA requirements), and provides services to all patients, regardless of insurance coverage.

How does it work?

For patients ready to quit and interested in phone counseling for tobacco cessation, providers fill out a referral form (paper or electronic) and send it to the Central Triage fax number (1-800-483-3114). The triage center will assess insurance status, and then forward the patient's information to the appropriate tobacco cessation quitline based on their insurance status. A trained tobacco cessation coach from the quitline will then contact the patient to invite them into the phone-based counseling program.

Following outreach to the patient, each quitline will fax an outcome of the phone call, typically within two to four weeks, to the provider for each patient referred. This will provide data on whether the patient has enrolled in the program, declined services or was unable to be reached by the quitline coaches. In addition, there is web-based reporting, allowing sites to obtain aggregate data on referrals and enrollments. Information is updated monthly and access to the site is provided via email upon registration in the program.

Who can be referred?

All Minnesotans ages 18 years and older, regardless of insurance coverage, can be referred. Patients under the age of 18 may be referred, but it is advised to have the underage patients check with their health plan beforehand to determine coverage.

Registration and implementation

How do I sign up?

Visit to register your clinic for free. To ensure HIPAA compliance, only sites that have existing systems to handle protected health information may participate.

During registration you will need to identify a contact person who will be able to:

  • Serve as the point-person for inquires about referrals at your site.
  • Gather your site’s referral data from the web-based reporting system.

Can the referral form be set up on EMR?

Yes. Once registered, a PDF of your site’s referral form is emailed to you and can be replicated in your EMR system. The electronic form must include your four-digit ID number (located in the upper left corner of the referral form), which is assigned at registration. A test fax must be arranged prior to implementation.

Fields on the referral form should not be altered.

Making referrals

I have a patient who’s interested in quitting. How do I make a referral?

Upon registration, each site is provided a blank referral form containing their unique site ID and pre-populated site information. If a patient is ready to quit, this form should be filled in with the patient’s information and faxed to the central triage fax number at 1-800-483-3114.

A trained tobacco cessation coach from the appropriate quitline will then contact the patient to invite them into the phone-based counseling program.

What do my patients get out of the program?

  • All quitlines provide free and confidential tobacco cessation phone counseling from a trained cessation counselor, regardless of patient’s insurance.
  • All quitlines are available between the hours of Monday-Thursday from 7am – 8pm and Fridays from 7am – 6pm. In addition most quitlines offer weekend hours and voicemail is available for all quitlines after hours of operation.
  • All quitlines provide at least three to five counseling calls to tobacco users.
  • Most quitlines provide nicotine replacement therapy through the quitline (mailed to tobacco users’ homes) or connect patients to pharmacy benefits offered through their health plan.
  • All quitlines provide interpreter services upon request.

What should my patient expect on their first call?

During the first call, the quitline coach will confirm the contact information, determine the patient’s tobacco history, and ask questions to discern the patient’s readiness to quit. The coach will describe the program, the number of scheduled calls the patient can expect to receive, and how to access the telephone support line. The quitline coach will also answer any questions that patient may have, and give the patient the opportunity to accept or decline enrollment into the program.

What should I do if a patient I’ve referred does not receive a call?

On occasion, a patient’s phone number may change, or they may not recognize the incoming quitline call. Additionally, without patient consent, a quitline may not be able to leave a voicemail.

However, if this issue persists, please contact the Call it Quits Referral Program at 651-201-5393.

Can my patients get quit medications through this program?

The quitline coach will provide consultation about quit medications but cannot prescribe them. Physicians may authorize the prescription of quit medications on the referral form and patients will be connected with their health plan’s customer service department or pharmacy benefit manager for specific benefit coverage information.

Patients served be the QUITPLAN Services quitline will have access to free over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy mailed to their homes.

How many times can a patient be referred to the quitlines and enroll in their programs?

Patients may enroll in the counseling program more than once, but the number of enrollments per year varies by health plan. The Call it Quits Referral Program recommends screening for tobacco use at every visit and offering a referral each time, if the patient has not already enrolled in a program.

Data and reporting

How do I access the data reporting website?

Visit and click on Call it Quits reports.

How do I get a username and password for the data reporting website?

Your site username and password were provided via email to your contact person upon registration for the Call it Quits Referral Program. If you did not receive this information, please email us at

How current is data on the reporting website?

Data is uploaded on a monthly basis, on or near the 20th of each month, for data from the previous month.

Data available includes an aggregate count of the total referrals made for that month, for your site only, as well as the total number of patients that enrolled in quitline services.

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