Tobacco-Free Communities Grant Program

Tobacco-Free Communities Grant Program

The Tobacco-Free Communities Grant Program (TFC) funds local community grants and technical assistance and training (TA) grants that aim to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use and address tobacco-related disparities in Minnesota by promoting community-driven tobacco prevention and control activities and strategies.

Community grantees implement activities that help build community capacity, change social norms around tobacco, and foster community readiness and support for tobacco control policies within their communities. TA providers support community grantees by ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and resources to be successful in reducing tobacco-related health disparities and the negative influence of commercial tobacco in their communities.

Request for Proposals: Capacity Building TA Grant

We are reissuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Capacity Building TA Grant that was included in the June 2016 Tobacco-Free Communities Grant Program RFP. This reissuance does not include funding for other grants outlined in the June 2016 TFC RFP. 

Visit TFC Capacity Building TA Grant RFP for details.

2016-2021 TFC Grantees

Community Grantees

African Immigrants Community Services

African Immigrants Community Services works with East African refugees and immigrants in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties with a focus on youth and adult women. They are assessing the need for commercial tobacco prevention and cessation services by engaging with East African community members through listening circles, community forums and individual stakeholder interviews. They plan to develop a multilingual multi-media community outreach and education campaign on commercial tobacco prevention and cessation. East African youth will be recruited and trained as peer educators and engage other youth in tobacco prevention.

Learn more about the African Immigrants Community Services at

Ain Dah Yung Center

Through the Ninijanisag Program, Ain Dah Young works with American Indian youth between the ages of 8-21 in the Twin Cities metro area, to reduce non-traditional tobacco use in American Indian youth and young adults. The Ninijanisag (Our Children) Program educates youth about traditional tobacco use and general health education, engaging them in leadership and advocacy roles for a healthy lifestyle within their cultural context. This culturally responsive program leverages the strengths of the American Indian Community, including learning respect for tobacco as a sacred medicine and understanding how to live life in a good way.

Learn more about Ain Dah Yung Center at

Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES)

CLUES is assessing tobacco-related health disparities and health needs of LGBTQ Latinos and Latinos living with mental illness. They will utilize their Community Health Workers to integrate cessation connections and support into existing services and networks.

Learn more about CLUES at

Hmong American Partnership

Hmong American Partnership works with Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs of Ramsey County. They are assessing the community’s awareness of, and need for culturally appropriate cessation services and resources. They plan to increase the community’s knowledge of and access to resources, support, and referrals to cessation services and integrate tobacco education into their existing program services.

Learn more about the Hmong American Partnership at

Minneapolis American Indian Center

Minneapolis American Indian Center works with American Indian youth in the Twin Cities metro area to develop the youth’s leadership capacities and skills. They work with native youth to educate about commercial vs. traditional tobacco, traditional uses of tobacco, tobacco industry targeting of Native people, and the harm of commercial tobacco use. They plan to increase youth skills to advocate for smoke-free spaces, identify policy issues, and develop messages in support of policy changes, including working toward a commercial tobacco-free grounds policy for their worksite.

Learn more about the Minneapolis American Indian Center at

Morrison-Todd-Wadena Community Health Board

Morrison-Todd-Wadena Community Health Board works with residents living in Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties. They are conducting a local tobacco community health assessment across all three counties, including an assessment engaging the Hispanic/Latino community in Todd County, which will inform a community awareness campaign. In all three counties, they are working with community organizations, businesses, and events to be tobacco free and free of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. They are also working to improve, expand, and create integrated cessation protocols into existing health care services and community networks, specifically within agencies that serve those identified as at-risk populations.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Minnesota

NAMI focuses on engaging mental health workers and people living with mental illness throughout Minnesota. They work to increase the number of mental health workers trained in smoking cessation. They also aim to increase cessation treatment/referral by mental health workers by developing and launching an accredited training for mental health workers across the state. NAMI will also assess their readiness for and work towards a commercial tobacco-free grounds policy for their worksite.

Learn more about NAMI at

Pillsbury United Communities

Pillsbury United Communities works with African Americans and minority populations in North Minneapolis to increase culturally appropriate connections to cessation services and cultural support in existing community services, programs and networks. They are developing design thinking workshops to engage community members to identify community needs and solutions. They also plan to integrate cessation services by leveraging their existing Community Health Workers, paramedics and coordinated care teams at North Memorial Medical Center.

Learn more about Pillsbury United Communities at

Rainbow Health Initiative

Rainbow Health Initiative works with LGBTQ youth and young adults primarily in the Twin Cities Metro. They collect, analyze and disseminate information on trends about LGBTQ commercial tobacco use. They work to raise awareness, address misconceptions, and build community support for commercial tobacco prevention and control efforts in LGBTQ communities and partner with LGBTQ youth and young people to develop leadership skills in tobacco control, cessation promotion, health equity and advocacy. They work with Family Tree Clinic to integrate cessation connections and support within the clinical setting.

Learn more about the Rainbow Health Initiative at

Tobacco-Free Alliance

Tobacco-Free Alliance works with residents living in Ramsey County and nearby cities. They partner with organizations serving African American, LGBTQ, Latino and Asian American, and low income communities to reduce tobacco industry influences and access and availability of commercial tobacco products, restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol, increase smoke- and tobacco-free campus policies and increase availability of smoke-free housing for those experiencing tobacco-related disparities.

Learn more about the Tobacco-Free Alliance at

WellShare International

WellShare International focuses their work with the East African and Somali communities in various Minneapolis neighborhoods. WellShare International is conducting a community-based assessment to strengthen Minnesota’s East African community’s capacity and involvement with commercial tobacco prevention and to create a community advisory committee. They also work with organizations and businesses to create smoke- and commercial tobacco-free environments and events. They work to integrate cessation connections and support into existing services and community networks, including integration of the Call it Quits Referral Program.

Learn more about WellShare International at

Technical Assistance and Training Grantees

American Lung Association in Minnesota (ALA)

Association for Nonsmokers - Minnesota (ANSR)

Public Health Law Center (PHLC)

The Public Health Law Center (PHLC) provides statewide legal technical assistance and training for MDH grantees. Alongside the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, PHLC has an extensive set of helpful guides, fact sheets, toolkits, reports, sample policies, and webinars to help grantees in their work.

Learn more about PHLC at

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