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Minnesota Family Environmental Exposure Tracking (MN FEET)

How to participate

East African women who are pregnant and planning to deliver at Regions or Abbott Northwestern hospitals can join.

To learn more and take part in the study, call Sagal Jama at (651) 331-8702. She is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.



a logo of some baby feetMN FEET is measuring mercury, lead and cadmium in Minnesota women and their babies. We are concerned about these chemicals because they can be harmful to babies’ health. MN FEET will help us learn how families and communities can protect their babies from these chemicals.

The project involves women who are Asian, East African, Latina or White. Recruitment of East African women is still going, but recruitment of other women has ended. MN FEET is being conducted in partnership with the HealthPartners Institute and West Side Community Health Services.

East African women who are pregnant and planning to deliver their babies at Regions or Abbott Northwestern Hospitals can join MN FEET by calling Sagal Jama at 651-331-8702.

Women who consent to join will:

  • Complete a short survey.
  • Have a small amount of cord blood and urine collected at the time of the baby's birth. The baby is not harmed in anyway.
  • Receive test results, two $25 Target gift cards and a baby gift to compensate for time and effort.
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