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MN FEET: Lead Exposure

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Information for medical providers

Lead poisoning is a medical condition that occurs when lead builds up in the body. Elevated blood lead levels (EBLLs) in young children are associated with adverse health effects, including learning impairment, behavioral problems, and even death at very high levels.

Children less than 6 years of age living in homes built before 1978 are most at risk for lead poisoning. Younger children are more at risk because their bodies absorb lead more easily and their brains are still developing.

Click below for more information. These chemical-specific web pages were created to provide information to physicians as part of the MN FEET project. With questions or for more information, call 651-201-4233.

How people are exposed:

Symptoms of exposure:

Long-term effects of exposure:

Tests of exposure:

Counseling patients: exposure removal and follow-up:

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