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MN FEET: Mercury Exposure

Information for medical providers

Mercury is a metal that has several chemical forms. Exposure to mercury can cause serious health problems. Babies in utero and young children are most at risk because small amounts of mercury can damage the developing brain and nervous system, affecting learning abilities, memory, and attention. In adults and children, ongoing exposure to mercury can damage the nervous system and kidneys.

For most people, fish consumption is a major source of exposure to mercury. Older, larger fish and fish that eat other fish have the highest levels of mercury.

People can also be exposed to mercury from broken thermometers, cosmetic products like skin-lightening creams, and some dental fillings.

Click below for more information. These chemical-specific web pages were created to provide information to physicians as part of the MN FEET project. With questions or for more information, call 651-201-4233.

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