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South Minneapolis Children's Arsenic Study


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The South Minneapolis Children's Arsenic Study was conducted in South Minneapolis neighborhoods where elevated levels of arsenic were found in soil, including Ventura Village, Powderhorn, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Corcoran, Longfellow, and Seward. These neighborhoods are near the site of a former pesticide storage facility, where arsenic contamination was discovered. Sixty-five children between the ages of 3 and 10 participated in the study, providing two urine samples with their parents' help. The MDH Public Health laboratory tested the urine for arsenic levels.


Results showed that arsenic levels in the children's urine were similar to those found in other studies of children living in other urban communities in the U.S. Nearly all of the children had levels of arsenic well below a concentration where there would be concern for their health. In addition, no relationship was established between levels of arsenic in soil in the children's yards and levels in their urine.

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