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Biomonitoring Pilot Projects

The state law that established MN Biomonitoring: Chemicals in People directed MDH to conduct 4 biomonitoring pilot projects.  All of these projects are complete and follow-up work in some areas is underway. MDH used lessons learned from the pilot projects to develop a Strategic Plan that will guide the ongoing work of MN Biomonitoring.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

  • East Metro PFC Biomonitoring Pilot Project: Measured perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in the blood of 196 adult residents of two East Metro communities with a history of exposure to PFCs in drinking water.
  • South Minneapolis Children's Arsenic Study: Measured arsenic levels in the urine of 65 children living in South Minneapolis neighborhoods with known soil contamination.
  • Riverside Prenatal Biomonitoring Pilot Project: Measured exposures to chemicals found in plastics and personal care products (bisphenol A and parabens) and tobacco smoke in the urine of 66 pregnant women receiving care at an urban Minneapolis clinic.
  • Mercury in Newborns in the Lake Superior Basin: Measured mercury in newborn bloodspots from 1,126 Minnesota newborns born in the Lake Superior region of northern Minnesota.

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