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Developing the Framework for a Ongoing Biomonitoring Program

Since 2007 the Minnesota Biomonitoring Program and our expert Advisory Panel have worked together to develop the framework for an ongoing biomonitoring program that meets Minnesota Statutes. This Framework is based on:

  • Lessons Learned from Biomonitoring Projects: We conducted several biomonitoring projects that provided valuable lessons learned about community involvement, sample collection, and laboratory methods. For a list of projects, see the MN Biomonitoring Program.

  • Interviewing and Listening to Diverse Stakeholders: We gathered advice in a series of interviews with a wide range of experts and stakeholders. These included the Advisory Panel, public health professionals, the Minnesota Department of Agiriculture, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the University of Minnesota, state legislators, citizens' groups, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as biomonitoring programs in six other states and New York City.

  • National Initiatives and Guidance to Promote State Biomonitoring: We tracked national developments from the Association of Public Health Laboratories, Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking's Biomonitoring Task Force, and the National Conference of State Legislators.

Also see: Framework for an Ongoing Biomonitoring Program or Contact the Minnesota Biomonitoring Program.

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