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Environmental Public Health Tracking: Data

Making Data Accessible to the Public

The Minnesota Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (MN Tracking Program) makes data available to the public through the MN Public Health Data Access Portal. On the Data Portal, you can view information about many topics, see interactive charts and figures, generate custom tables using a query feature, and view interactive maps of the data.

The Data Portal's hazard, exposure, and health data are used to help people and communities make healthy choices; protect children, the environment, and future generations; and evaluate and measure the effectiveness of public health actions and policy.

Explore Data

Minnesota Public Health Data Access aperture symbol Explore data at the Minnesota Public Health Data Access portal. This portal includes health and environment data, health information, interactive maps, and custom data queries.

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Empowering Communities

See Tracking in Action: Minnesota for examples of how the Tracking Program's data have been used to inform and empower communities to protect health.

Using Nationally-Consistent Measures

Hazards, exposure, and health buttons

Nationally Consistent Data and Measures (NCDMs) are developed by the Tracking Program in collaboration with the National Tracking Network, a network of 23 states, New York City, and 5 academic partners working to standardize and track data on environmental hazards, exposure, and health. The following are core content areas of the National Network:

In addition, the Minnesota Tracking Program has developed additional data and measures for:

Furthermore, the Tracking Program is developing and evaluating data for:

  • Pesticide poisonings, Private wells (arsenic), Developmental disabilities

These data are developed through a rigorous process to ensure that the program develops data that area actionable, feasible, and useful for Minnesotans to protect health.

Forging Partnerships and Collaboration

The MN Tracking Program works closely with local public health departments, communities and community-based organizations, academic institutions, data stewards, and numerous state partners in order to collaborate on developing, reporting, and using data. State partners include the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

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