Health Informatics Education,
Training & Resources

Health Informatics Education

Glossary of Selected Terms Related to Informatics & e-Health (pdf 271Kb/21 pgs)

Public Health Informatics Competencies
A national consensus set of public health informatics competencies that should be attained by directors, IT managers, and program staff. (pdf 2932Kb/36 pgs)

Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) Planning Methodology (pdf 23Kb/1 pg)

The Unique Records Portfolio
A Guide to Resolving Duplicate Records in Health Information Systems

Public Health Data Standards:
Improving How Public Health Collects, Exchanges and Uses Data
A “Data Standards 101” that highlights why standards are important and how to move towards great use of standards in your information systems. (pdf 46Kb/6 pgs)

TIGER Initiative
A guide outlining a 3-year action plan for nursing that will contribute to the 10-year vision of electronic health records and systems. (pdf 1195 Kb/16 pg)

TMF Health Quality Institute: DOQ-IT
A summary highlighting Electronic Health Records and its benefit to the DOQ-IT program.

e-Health Standards in Minnesota - Minnesota Department of Health

MN e-Health Information Technology Adoption Status Update
June 2007 (pdf 58Kb/5 pgs)

Public Health Information Systems in Minnesota
Report summarizing the informatics surveys and interviews of local agencies conducted in 2004 – 2005. (pdf 311Kb/17 pgs)

Public Health Informatics:
Transforming Data Into Improved Practice and Healthier Communities
Graphic illustration how effective uses of data leads to improvements in public health practice and healthier communities. (pdf 80Kb/1 pg)

Evaluation Framework for Public Health Information Systems

Taking Care of Business: An Collaboration to Define Local Public Health Business Practices

Principles, Core Functions, and Performance Measures for Integrated Child Health Information Systems

Public Health Data Standards Presentation
This is a recorded presentation based on the Public Health Data Standards report developed by the MN-PHIN Steering Committee. The presentation was prepared and recorded by Bonnie Westra, PhD, RN, from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, and last 25 minutes.

Health Informatics Training

University of MN Health Informatics

About Health Informatics - School of Nursing, University of MN

The College of St. Scholastica - Certificates in Healthcare Informatics

University of Illinois Certificate in Public Health Informatics Online

Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Training

American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) - 10 x 10 Program

Health Informatics Resources

University of Washington Center for Public Health Informatics (CPHI) Home

American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

Stratis Health: DOQ-IT Quality Resources Kit:
A guide that provides numerous resources concerning the adoption of Electronic Health Records as well as health information technology in general.

Resources for Health Data Standards - Minnesota Department of Health

Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)
PHII was created to advance public health practitioners’ ability to strategically manage and apply health information systems. The Institute’s approach to health information systems combines best practices in informatics with knowledge and experience in public health and health care.

CDC Public Health Information Network
The Public Health Information Network (PHIN) is CDC’s vision for advancing fully capable and interoperable information systems in the many organizations that participate in public health. PHIN is a national initiative to implement a multi-organizational business and technical architecture for public health information systems.

Public Health Data Standards Consortium
The Public Health Data Standards Consortium (Consortium) is a voluntary confederation of federal, state and local health agencies; national and local professional associations; public and private sector organizations; and individuals. The overall goal of the confederation is to develop, promote, and implement data standards for population health practice and research.

National eHealth Initiative
The eHealth Initiative and the Foundation for eHealth Initiative are independent, non-profit affiliated organizations whose missions are to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare through information and information technology.

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