Data Resources and Management

Data Resources and Management

The Data Resources and Management unit is dedicated to keeping Minnesotans healthy by building knowledge about health care quality in Minnesota, empowering consumers, educating purchasers, informing providers and guiding policy makers. For questions about the Data Resources and Management unit of the Health Economics Program, please email:

Data Resources and Management (DRM) Activities

The Data Resources and Management (DRM) unit collects, maintains and analyzes health care data for the purpose of:

  • Supporting efforts to develop and refine state policies on health care access, utilization, quality and cost;
  • Assisting the state in efforts to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the financing and delivery of health services;
  • Monitoring and tracking the accessibility, utilization, quality and cost of health services in Minnesota;
  • Evaluating the impact of health care reform activities in Minnesota;
  • Providing support for public health activities in the state; and
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of methods used for ongoing collection of health related data.

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