September 2012 MERC Update - Minnesota Dept. of Health

September 2012 Update

To: MERC Committee Members and Interested Parties

2013 MERC Grant

The 2013 MERC grant application materials were sent to sponsoring institutions last week. Sponsoring Institutions will soon be requesting grant applications from their FY2011 training facilities and entering this data into each of their teaching programs’ applications. The sponsoring institutions will be asking their training sites to return their grant applications by a specific deadline which will allow the sponsoring institution enough time to process the site application and submit the data to MDH by the statutory deadline of October 31. 

Please see for more information.

2012 MERC Grant

We have seen inconsistent information from hospitals on the 2012 applications that we started reviewing. It is extremely important that hospitals submit the same data to all sponsoring institutions as this data will be used in calculating the next MERC grant. Doing this on the back-end means multiple application amendments across multiple programs and sponsoring institutions. We will be working in the coming month to reconcile this data before the revenue data is requested from DHS. Meeting our goal to have the application data to DHS by October 1 will be challenging considering the inconsistencies between applications.

2011 MERC Grant

Sponsoring Institution Grant Verifications Reports (GVRs) have been returned and over half have been reviewed. The training site GVRs were due on August 1, 2012. Ninety percent have submitted their data so far. The remaining training sites which have not submitted their GVRs will receive a follow-up.

As discussed at the last MERC committee meeting, a site survey was being sent to each 2011 training facility. Letters went out on July 30, and the online survey is due September 15, 2012.

Technical Workgroup

The workgroup met on August 9 and August 23. DHS presented a proposal for the revision of the methodology used to estimate public program revenue (see attached document). The group agreed on this approach, but requested the data by managed care organization. DHS will begin working on the programming necessary to test the proposed methodology on a few providers involved in the technical group and implement this for the 2012 MERC application data.

Draft MERC Committee Operating Procedures

As discussed at the last committee meeting, the committee can probably benefit from formal operating procedures that address membership, the advisory role to MDH, meetings, and other issues commonly found in bylaws or similar governing documents. Staff and interim chair Dr. Carl Patow have developed a first draft. Please contact Mark Schoenbaum if you would like to be part of reviewing the draft.  Mark’s email is

Next Meeting

The next regularly scheduled MERC meeting will be held from 1 – 4 p.m. in the Big Fork Room at Snelling Office Park on Friday, December 7, 2012.

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