MERC/PMAP Grant Distribution Reports

Grant Distribution Reports

The Minnesota Department of Health released $59.1 million from the MERC grant program to sponsoring institutions in April 2017. Statute allows the sponsoring institutions 60 days to forward funding to the eligible 2015 clinical training facilities included in the MERC grant application.

Funding for the MERC program comes from four sources: (1) Minnesota┬┤s cigarette tax (tobacco funding), which includes federal Medicaid matching funds; (2) Prepaid Medical Assistance Program carve out (PMAP funding); (3) Health Care Access Fund; and (4) General Fund.

For more background on the formulas used, review the 2016 Minnesota Statutes section 62J.692

Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Clinical Training, FY2017 Funding

Useful hint on reports: To search by clinical training facility, Press CTRL F. To avoid abbreviation issues, enter only a portion of the facility name. Example St.________ may be listed as Saint, St. or ST. Search only the second portion of the name (where the underline is).

Grant Formula MERC Grant Formula (PDF)

For historical MERC grant distribution reports, see Previous MERC Grant Distributions page.


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