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MERC Grant Application

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has closed the MERC grant application for clinical training that took place in Minnesota in fiscal year 2016. Applications were open to Minnesota sponsoring institutions applying on behalf of their accredited teaching programs and eligible clinical training facilities for the following trainee types:

Advanced Dental Therapists Doctor of Chiropractic Students
Advanced Practice Nurses Doctor of Pharmacy Students
Clinical Social Workers Doctor of Pharmacy Residents
Community Health Workers Medical Students
Community Paramedics Medical Residents
Dental Students Physician Assistant Students
Dental Residents Psychologists
Dental Therapists  

Clinical training facilities had the opportunity to apply by providing a clinical training site grant application to the teaching program which had trainees at their facility in fiscal year 2016. The teaching program then included the application in the sponsoring institution’s submission to MDH. Sponsoring institutions were required to complete their online application and submit a signed copy to MDH by October 31, 2017.

Expenditure Reporting for Clinical Training Facilities

The Minnesota Department of Health, with the help of the Medical Education and Research Cost Committee, has revised the Medical Education and Research Cost (MERC) Grant Program application, effective for clinical training sites fiscal year 2016. All grant applicants must report actual expenditure information; expenditures based on average training cost proxies or other estimates are no longer accepted.

Expenditure for fiscal year 2016 were due December 22, 2017.


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