2007 Health Economics Program Publications

Publications published in 2007 by the MDH Health Economics Program. Topics include health care costs, trends, insurance, professions, hospitals and legislative policy on health economics.

Distribution of Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota, 2005 (PDF: 358 KB/3 pages)
December 2007

Minnesota Health Care Spending in 2005 (PDF: 345KB/4 pages)
December 2007

Trends in Minnesota Hospital Quality (PDF: 355KB/4 pages)
December 2007

Health Insurance Premiums and Cost Drivers in Minnesota, 2006 (PDF: 105KB/4 pages)
October 2007

Factors and Incentives Driving Investment in Medical Facilities (PDF: 1,020 KB/48 pages)
February 2007   This is a large file and may take a while to download.

Minnesota Hospitals: Uncompensated Care, Community Benefits, and the Value of Tax Exemptions (PDF: 813 KB/66 pages)
January 2007