2008 Health Economics Program Publications

Publications published in 2008 by the MDH Health Economics Program. Topics include health care costs, trends, insurance, professions, hospitals and legislative policy on health economics.

Administrative Costs at Minnesota Health Plans in 2007 (PDF: 378KB/56 pages)
December 2008

Minnesota Hospital Patient Origin Report (PDF: 1152KB/110 pages)
This report provides information on the geographic patterns of hospital use in 2006, by county of residence and for hospitals in each county. It is an update to a previous report using 2000 data.
December, 2008.

Private Health Insurance Cost Trends in Minnesota, 2007 (PDF: 98KB/4 pages)
September, 2008.

Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota, Results for 2007 (PDF: 110KB/6 pages)
April, 2008.

Health Insurance Exchange Study (PDF: 135KB/15 pages)
February, 2008.

MN Hospital Public Interest Review: Proposal for a Specialty Psychiatric Hospital in Woodbury (PDF: 2.88MB/81 pages)
February, 2008.

Administrative Costs at Minnesota Health Plans in 2006 (PDF: 708KB/52 pages)
January 2008
Minnesota Health Care Spending in 2005 (PDF: 345KB/4 pages)
December, 2007.