Radiation Capacity Study

Radiation Therapy Facility Capacity Study, 2012

During the regular session of 2012, the Minnesota legislature passed a law requiring the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to perform a study of radiation therapy facilities in Minnesota and report findings to the legislature in early 2013 (Minnesota Session Laws 2012, Chapter 247, Section 14).

This study must examine the following:

  • Current treatment capacity of the existing radiation therapy facilities within the state;
  • The present need for radiation therapy services based on population demographics and new cancer cases; and
  • The projected need in the next ten years for radiation therapy services and whether the current facilities and equipment can sustain this projected need.

View the report Treatment Need & Capacity for Radiation Therapy in Minnesota, March 2013

Radiation Therapy Facility Data Collection

In conducting this study, MDH is collecting data from radiation therapy facilities that are essential to completing the legislatively required study. Radiation therapy facilities must contact MDH via email at Sue.Manning@state.mn.us to receive an electronic version of a customized data collection template; a standard example is available for your review.

We ask that data are submitted by December 21, 2012 via MDH’s secure web application at: https://apps.health.state.mn.us/mdh_upload/

Hardcopy responses can be submitted via mail with attention to:

Nathan Hierlmaier
MDH-Health Economics Program
P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Phone: (651)201-3541
Email: Nathan.Hierlmaier@state.mn.us

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