TTF Action Plan

Health Care Transformation Task Force

(2007 Minnesota Laws, Chapter 147, Article 15, Section 21)

The final action plan, which will be presented to the legislature and the governor by February 1, 2008, “must include the following, with specific and measurable goals and deadlines for each:

  1. “actions that will reduce health care expenditures by 20 percent by January 2011, and limit the rate of growth in health care spending to no greater than the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers plus two percentage points each year thereafter;
  2. “actions that will increase the affordable health coverage options for all Minnesotans and other strategies that will ensure all Minnesotans will have health coverage by January 2011;
  3. “actions to improve the quality and safety of health care and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in access and quality;
  4. “actions that will improve the health status of Minnesotans and reduce the rate of preventable chronic illness;
  5. “proposed changes to state health care purchasing and payment strategies that will promote higher quality, lower cost health care;
  6. “actions that will promote the appropriate and cost-effective investment in new facilities, technologies, and drugs;
  7. “options for serving small employers and their employees, and self-employed individuals; and
  8. “actions to reduce administrative costs.”



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