Resource Book Table of Contents

Health Care Transformation Task Force Resource Book

Minnesota-Specific Background Information

Key Information on Minnesota Health Care Markets (Powerpoint: 815KB)
MDH Health Economics Program (from Minnesota Health Care Markets Chartbook)

“Health Insurance Premiums and Cost Drivers in Minnesota, 2005" (PDF: 179KB/6 pgs.)
MDH Health Economics Program Issue Brief, July 2006

“Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota, 2001 vs. 2004” (PDF: 266KB/6 pgs.)
MDH Health Economics Program and University of Minnesota School of Public Health Fact Sheet, February 2006

“Factors and Incentives Driving Investment in Medical Facilities" (PDF: 1.00MB/48 pgs.)
MDH report to the Legislature, February 2007

“2006 Health Care Quality Report” (PDF: 3.34MB/78 pgs.)
Minnesota Community Measurement

Health Care Reform Activities in Minnesota and in Other States

“Update on Recent Health Reform Activities in Minnesota” (Powerpoint: 46KB)

“Transforming Primary Care to ‘Medical Home’: Initiatives to Restructure Care for Patients with Chronic and Complex Illness" (PDF: 30.2KB/4 pgs)
Jeff Schiff, Department of Human Services

“History of Minnesota Cost Containment Efforts” (Powerpoint: 112KB)
MDH staff

“Listening to Minnesotans: Transforming Minnesota’s Health Care System” (PDF: 2.46MB/57 pgs.)
Report of the Minnesota Citizens Forum on Health Care Costs, February 2004

“Leading the Way: State Health Reform Initiatives” (PDF: 192KB/29 pgs.)
National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Issue Brief, July 2007

“State of the States 2007: Building Hope, Raising Expectations” (PDF: 1.58MB/56 pgs.)
State Coverage Initiatives, January 2007

Framework/Principles for Health Reform

“Framework for a High Performance Health System for the United States” (PDF: 172KB/26 pgs.)
The Commonwealth Fund, August 2006

“Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century”
Institute of Medicine, 2000 (Executive Summary)

Other Resources on Containing Cost and Improving Access and Quality

“Health Care and the Budget: Issues and Challenges for Reform” (PDF: 344KB/30 pgs.)
Testimony of Congressional Budget Office Director Peter R. Orszag, before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget, June 21, 2007

“Aiming Higher: Results From a State Scorecard on Health System Performance” (PDF: 583 KB/12 pgs.)
The Commonwealth Fund, June 2007 (Executive Summary)

“Slowing the Growth of U.S. Health Care Expenditures: What Are The Options?” (PDF: 304KB/46 pgs.)
The Commonwealth Fund, January 2007

Dartmouth Atlas issue briefs: “Effective Care” (PDF: 243KB/2 pgs.) ,“Supply-Sensitive Care” (PDF: 431KB/4 pgs.), and “Preference-Sensitive Care” (PDF: 546KB/6 pgs.)

“Prevention: A Blueprint for Action” (PDF: 683KBK/64 pgs.)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 2004