Health Care Transformation Task Force Meeting

November 19 , 2007



Administrative Efficiency (PDF: 45KB)

Coverage Institute Summary Insurance Reform (PDF: 18KB)

CSHPP Details (PDF: 120KB)

Health Care Transformation Principles, Issues and Recommendations (PDF: 122KB)

Insurance Reform Examples (PDF: 13KB)

MDH Diabetes Case Study (PDF: 36KB)

MDH Diabetes Case Study Figures 1 & 2 (PPT: 94.5KB)

MN Health Disparities (PDF: 229KB)

Obesity and Smoking (PDF: 118KB)

Payment Reform 11-15-2007 (PDF: 28KB)

RWJ Synthesis (PDF: 232KB)

Thissen Approaches to the Question of Affordability (PDF: 74KB)

TTF Savings Summary
(PDF: 8KB)

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