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Minnesota Doula Registry Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is a doula?
    A: A doula is a trained and/or experienced individual who provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

  2. Q: What is the Doula Registry and what does it do?
    A: The Minnesota legislature enacted a law effective July 1, 2007, creating the Doula Registry within the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The department verifies that an applicant is certified by one of eight private certifying organizations listed in statute and identifies whether the doula has a criminal history as shown on the web site of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

  3. Q: What are the names of the private certifying organizations?
    A. The private certifying organizations are: Use the links provided on this web site to find out how to contact the certifying organizations.

  4. Q: Does the Minnesota Department of Health endorse the training offered by the certifying organizations in order to become a certified doula?
    A: No. MDH does not evaluate the training. The Doula Registry is an informational resource and its purpose is to help Minnesotans find doula services.

  5. Q: If a doula is not listed on the registry, does that mean that they are less qualified to perform doula services?
    A: Maybe. Being listed on the registry means the doula has at least met the minimum qualifications of training and experience of one of the private certifying organizations.

  6. Q: Is a doula practicing in Minnesota required to be listed on the registry?
    A: No. The law does not require that a doula be listed on the registry in order to provide services in Minnesota. Listing on the registry is voluntary.

    In order to be eligible to bill MA and MinnesotaCare for services under a supervising professional’s NPI, a doula must be certified by one of eight certifying organizations; must be registered with the Minnesota Department of Health’s Doula Registry; and must provide all doula services under the supervision of a physician, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs.  See Minnesota Statutes, Section 256B.0625, subd. 28b for more information about coverage.

  7. Q: Can a doula who is not listed on the registry continue to use the title "doula".
    A: Yes. The law does not limit the use of the title "doula" to individuals listed on the registry.

  8. Q: Does the department have a list of standards or competencies that a doula should meet in order to be listed on the registry?
    A: No. You must contact the certifying organization to determine what standards or competencies a doula certified by that organization must possess.

  9. Q: If I have a complaint about a doula will the department investigate the complaint?
    A: No. The department has no statutory authority to investigate complaints. MDH will refer complainants to the appropriate doula certifying organization and any other appropriate authority.

  10. Q: Once I've sent in my application and registry fees, will I be notified when my name is listed on the Doula Registry?
    A: Yes. MDH will send you a letter notifying you that your name has been added to the Doula Registry.

  11. Q: How long will my name be listed on the Doula Registry?
    A: You will be listed on the Registry for three years from the date your name was first added to the registry if you maintain your doula certification with an approved certifying organization.

  12. Q: Will I be notified prior to the three-year expiration date?
    A: Yes. You will receive an application approximately 60 days prior to your expiration.

  13. Q: What will happen if I don't maintain my doula certification with an approved certifying organization?
    A: The expiration date of your doula certification will be on the Doula Registry web page. About 60 days prior to your certification expiration, you will receive a Doula Verification of Credential form. You fill in part of the form and send it to your certifying organization. The certifying organization will confirm your continued certification with the organization.

  14. Q: If I have been listed on the registry and stop providing services, will I be entitled to receive a portion of my registry fees back?
    A: No. All fees are nonrefundable.

  15. Q: Whom do I contact with other questions about the Doula Registry?
    A: Contact a Minnesota Department of Health employee at (651) 201-3731, e-mail or visit the Minnesota Doula Registry Homepage.
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