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Hearing Instrument Dispenser Fee Amounts

Certification fees effective July 1, 2017

  • Annual Renewal Fee: $750.00
  • Renewal Late Fee Charge: $260.00
  • Continuing Education Late Fee Charge: $200.00
  • Trainee Fee: $230.00
  • Verification Fee: $25
  • Reciprocity Fee: $230.00

HID Exam Fees (Non Audiologist):

  • HID Exam: Initial Fee: $1200.00
  • HID Exam: Retake Fee: $600

Requirements to apply for Hearing Instrument Dispenser Certification:

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • Within the past 12 months successfully completed the Hearing Instrument Dispenser Examination

Certification Application

If you met the requirements and need an application to apply for Certification as a Hearing Instrument Dispenser print the HID Application (PDF). If you have problems printing the application, call (651) 201-3724 or email health.hid@state.mn.us.

Prorated Initial Application Fee Schedule

The Certification fee for new applicants is prorated based on the number of quarters remaining in the annual certification period. To determine your initial prorated fee amount, read across the top row in the table below to find the month your certification application will be received in our office. Applicants applying in September and October will not renew their certification until October of the following year, thus the amount shown is greater than the annual renewal fee indicated above.

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June
License Fee $586.50 $586.50 $398.50 $398.50 $398.50 $210.50

Month July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
License Fee $210.50 $210.50 $772.50 $772.50 $772.50 $586.50

  • A $30 fee will be assessed to all Non Sufficient Funds payments. Applicant must resubmit with certified funds.
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