Hearing Instrument Dispenser (HID) Examination Application and Related Documents

Written Exam

As of March 1, 2014, the International Licensing Exam (ILE) will only be available at a testing center. This exam will be computer based. Applicants must pass the written exam before they may sit for the practical examination.

Practical Exam

Hearing Instrument Dispenser (HID) exam applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will accept applications until the exam application deadline or until we have received 25 complete applications. Applications are not considered complete until our office receives the required fee as well as a completed HID exam application.

Please print all 13 documents listed below:

  1. HID Exam Memo (PDF: 116KB/ 3 pages)
  2. HID Exam Application* (PDF: 52KB/4 pages)
  3. HID Exam Overview (PDF: 53 KB/3 pages)
  4. Bibliography (PDF: 19 KB/4 pages)
  5. Sample Informed Consent Agreement (for your subject's review) (PDF: 21 KB/ 1 page)
  6. 148.5195 Investigation process and grounds for disciplinary action (PDF: 40KB/1 page)
  7. MN Stat. § 148.5197 — Hearing Aid Dispensing
  8. MN Stat. § 148.5198 — Restriction on Sale of Hearing Aid
  9. MN Stat. Ch. 153A — Hearing Instrument Dispenser Certification
  10. MN Stat. § 325G.06–325G.14 — Home Solicitation Sales (PDF: 42 KB/6 pages)
  11. MN Stat. § 325G.203–325G.208 — Assistive Device (PDF: 37 KB/5 pages)
  12. FDA Part 801, Sub H: Special Requirements for Specific Devices; § 801.420 — Hearing Aid Devices; Professional and Patient Labeling
  13. FDA Part 801, Sub H: Special Requirements for Specific Devices; § 801.421 — Hearing Aid Devices; Conditions for Sale

Once you have printed and read all 13 documents, please complete the Hearing Instrument Dispenser Examination Application. Mail the completed application with the required fee to the address listed at the top of the application.

If you are unable to print the examination application and forms, please contact Erin Smilanich at 651-201-3770 or at Erin.Smilanich@state.mn.us.

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