Health Occupations Program Advisory Council Information


MN Statute 148.6450 Occupational Therapy Practitioners Advisory Council

  Subdivision 1. Membership. The commissioner shall appoint seven persons to an Occupational Therapy Practitioners Advisory Council consisting of the following:

  (1) two public members, as defined in section 214.02. The public members shall be either persons who have received occupational therapy services or family members of or caregivers to such persons;

  (2) two members who are occupational therapists and two occupational therapy assistants licensed under sections 148.6401 to 148.6450, each of whom is employed in a different practice area including, but not limited to, long-term care, school therapy, early intervention, administration, gerontology, industrial rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, physical disability, pediatrics, mental health, home health, and hand therapy. Three of the four occupational therapy practitioners who serve on the advisory council must be currently, and for the three years preceding the appointment, engaged in the practice of occupational therapy or employed as an administrator or an instructor of an occupational therapy program. At least one of the four occupational therapy practitioners who serves on the advisory council must be employed in a rural area; and

  (3) one member who is a licensed or registered health care practitioner, or other credentialed practitioner,who works collaboratively with occupational therapy practitioners.

  Subd. 2. Duties. At the commissioner's request, the advisory council shall:

  (1) advise the commissioner regarding the occupational therapy practitioner licensure standards;

  (2) advise the commissioner on enforcement of sections 148.6401 to 148.6450;

  (3) provide for distribution of information regarding occupational therapy practitioners licensure standards;

  (4) review applications and make recommendations to the commissioner on granting or denying licensure or licensure renewal;

  (5) review reports of investigations relating to individuals and make recommendations to the commissioner as to whether licensure should be denied or disciplinary action taken against the person; and

  (6) perform other duties authorized for advisory councils by chapter 214, as directed by the commissioner.

If you would like to apply for service on this or any other advisory council, the application form is available from the Secretary of State's web site; or, you may contact us by phone at 651-201-3731 or by e-mail at

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