Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants MUST receive approval from MDH BEFORE using physical agent modalities (PAMs) in their practice.

For questions about the Occupational Therapist (OT) PAMs approval contact:
OT Licensing at 651-201-3725 or

For questions about the Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) PAMs approval contact:
OTA Licensing at 651-201-3724 or

PAMs Approval Process Instructions:

  1. You must successfully complete a PAMs training course that meets the standards in MN Statute 148.6440. Courses must be approved by the PAMs Review Committee of the Occupational Therapy Practitioners Advisory Council. Some courses have already been reviewed and approved by the PAMs Review Committee:
    Approved Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) Courses (PDF 96KB/2 pages)

  2. You must submit an application to MDH requesting approval to use PAMs. Please use the following link to access all the information and forms needed to apply for PAMs:
  3. Once approved, you will receive an approval letter from MDH. Also, the Health Occupations Program credential lookup website will display the date of PAMs approval when viewing your credential details.

Please Note:

  • You will be notified in writing that your application has been either approved by MDH or sent to the PAMs review committee for review.
  • The PAMs review committee process takes six (6) weeks.
  • If additional information is needed, MDH will contact you by email, phone, or letter with further instructions.
  • Mere submission of an application is NOT approval.
  • Submission of your certification of completion of a PAMs course as part of your continuing education report is NOT an application for approval and no action will be taken by MDH staff to process your approval.
  • It is your responsibility to apply for approval to use PAMs.

Further Information:

Physical Agent Modalities MN Statute 148.6440


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