Health Occupations Program - Application Instructions for a License as an Audiologist

Application and Instructions for a Full License: Audiologist


You must have an Audiologist (AUD) license before you can begin practicing in Minnesota as an AUD or use protected titles. The processing time for a full license application can take up to 30 days after we have received all documentation required for the license. If you need a license sooner you have the option of applying for a Temporary AUD License. The Temporary AUD license can be issued within 5 to 10 business days after our office receives the completed application and fee. Please visit the temporary license application link to obtain an application for a Temporary AUD License.


You must select one of the following methods. Please read the description for each method to determine how you will apply.

If you have held or currently hold a credentials as an Audiologist in another state you muse provide documentation required in question 14 regardless of the method used for application.

Methods of Licensing: Specific Information and Instructions

Click the method you choose below for the instructions and application forms you will need.

Method 1 (Equivalency based on Current Certifications)

You may qualify for licensing by "equivalency" under Minnesota Statutes, §148.516 if you hold a current certificate of clinical competency (CCC) issued by ASHA. To complete your application for licensing under Method 1, you must supply documentation of your current certification(s) from ASHA. Acceptable documentation is a current letter of verification from ASHA.

Method 2 (Reciprocity)

You may qualify for licensing by reciprocity under Minnesota Statutes, §148.517 if you hold a current and unrestricted credential as a speech-language pathologist in another jurisdiction that has requirements equivalent to or higher than those required by Minnesota Statutes, §148.511 through §148.5198

Method 3 (Meet all requirements for certification(s) but do not have certification)

If you do not currently hold a CCC you may qualify for licensing under Minnesota Statutes, §148.515 if you have met every requirement that ASHA requires for certification.

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