SLP/Aud Temp ASHA/ABA/Other State License - MDH

Temporary License: Persons Credentialed by ASHA, ABA or Other States

Application Instructions for a Temporary License:  Persons Credentialed by ASHA, ABA or Other States

Important Things to Know About the Application Process:

  • It will take MDH one (1) to two (2) weeks to review your SLP/Aud temporary license application for approval.
  • MDH will not approve your application until we receive: 1) a completed and signed application; 2) all requested documentation; and 3) license fee payment.
  • Any applications mailed 30 days after the date of signature on the application will be returned to you to confirm that provided information is still current.
  • If a question on the application doesn’t apply to you, mark your answer as “N/A.”
  • If you are approved for an SLP/Aud temporary license, you will receive a letter in the mail from MDH confirming your licensure, along with your license card.
  • For audiology licensing, you must take and pass the Hearing Instrument Dispenser (HID) Exam before you are eligible for full licensing. For more information about the HID Exam, contact Grace Rauchwarter at (651) 201-3724 or at
  • SLP/Aud temporary licenses are valid for only three (3) months. To ensure that you are continuously licensed, submit your application for a full SLP/Aud license at least 60 days before your temporary license expires.

For Applicants Applying for Audiologist License Only:

  • If you have not taken and passed the examination and you want to dispense hearing instruments with a temporary audiology license, you must be supervised by a licensed audiologist who can dispense hearing instruments, and you must have the supervisor complete Part II of this application.


Any questions please call 651-201-3726 or email

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