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Body Art Supervision Information

Minnesota Body Art Licensing Statutes

The body art statutes do not set a maximum number of technicians a licensed body artist may supervise at one time. However, Minnesota Statutes, Section 146B.03, Subd. 4(4) and Subd. 12 state that a temporary technician seeking licensure must provide, a log of supervised experience. Minnesota Statutes, section 146B.01, Subd. 28 defines supervision as:

"Supervision" means the physical presence of a technician licensed under this chapter while a body art procedure is being performed.

Thus, you MUST be physically present whenever a temporary artist whom you are supervising is performing body art services.

Additionally, the common definition of "supervise" clearly requires a level of oversight. The American Heritage Dictionary (Second College Edition) defines "supervise" as "to direct or inspect the performance of; superintend." You must therefore not only be physically present, but must be attending to the work performed by each temporary you are supervising.

Supervision is a serious commitment; the supervisor must be physically present and provide oversight. This makes it difficult to effectively supervise several temporary artists at the same time. MDH will be evaluating all applications for temporary licensure and may deny any that have applied with a supervisor whom has submitted for more than two temporary technicians.

Being a sponsor of a guest artist is taking on all responsibility for that guest.

If you have been subjected to disciplinary action, be aware that the Minnesota Department of Health may not grant you supervisory authority. Please contact 651-201-3770 with questions.

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