HEDIS Charts- Follow-up to Mental Health Hospitalization

HEDIS Charts - Mental Health Hospitalization

7-Day and 30-Day Follow Up

Mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, are significant causes of disability in the United States. Mental disorders can lead to suicide, one of the United States' leading preventable causes of death. Appropriate treatment and follow-up of mental illness can reduce the duration of disability from mental illness and the likelihood of recurrence.

Required collection of uniform performance data, analysis of results in comparison with state and national benchmarks and implementation of appropriate quality improvement initiatives are fundamental elements of HMO quality regulation in Minnesota.

This measure indicates the percentage of health plan members ages 6 and older who received inpatient treatment for a mental health disorder and had an ambulatory or day/night follow-up visit after being discharged. The measure collected the percentage of members that received follow-up care within 7 days and those that received follow-up care within 30 days.

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