Provider Network Waivers

Provider Network Waivers

Minnesota Statutes, section 62K.10, subdivision 5a, allows providers “aggrieved by the issuance of the waiver” by the Commissioner of Health to appeal the commissioner’s decision using contested case procedures under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 14. "A contested case proceeding must be initiated within 60 days after the date on which the commissioner grants a waiver.” The Minnesota Department of Health reviews provider network waiver requests as part of annual provider network reviews of individual and small employer health plans. Waiver requests are considered approved with the approval of the health plan’s provider network and concurrent with the final approval of premium rates for the health plan.

2018 Provider Network Waivers - Individual Health Plans

2018 Provider Network Waivers - Small Employer Health Plans

2018 Provider Network Waivers - Dental Plans


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