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Seeking Cremation Services Online

If you are looking online for a cremation service, make sure you find one that is licensed in Minnesota. Sometimes online national websites give the appearance of being a local licensed cremation service, when they are really online 'middle men' that are not licensed in Minnesota

For example, states such as Florida and Oregon have taken action after receiving complaints against one online company, Heritage Cremation Provider.

Use the MDH funeral establishment finder to identify a licensed Minnesota cremation provider.

Consumer Information Manual

This manual answers some common questions about what you must do, choices you must make, and legal requirements you must meet when a death occurs.

Consumer Information Manual (PDF)

Midwest Whole Body Donation Programs in Medical Schools


  • Des Moines University
    The University of Osteopathic Medicine
    Health Science Anatomy Division
    3200 Grand
    Des Moines, IA 50312
    (515) 271-1400
  • University of Iowa
    College of Medicine
    Department of Anatomy
    1-470 Basic Science Building
    Iowa City, IA 52242
    (319) 335-7753


  • Wayne State University
    School of Medicine
    Department of Anatomy
    540 East Canfield Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48201
    (313) 577-1188


  • Anatomy Bequest Program
    University of Minnesota Medical School
    3-005 Nils Hasselmo Hall
    312 Church Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 625-1111

North Dakota

  • University of North Dakota
    School of Medicine
    Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
    Box 9037
    Grand Forks, ND 58202
    (701) 777-2101

South Dakota

  • University of South Dakota
    Sanford School of Medicine
    Department of Anatomy
    Vermillion, SD 57069
    (605) 677-5141 or (605) 624-3932


  • University of Wisconsin
    School of Medicine
    Department of Anatomy
    1300 University Avenue
    Madison, WI 53706-1532
    (608) 262-2888
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