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Ongoing Study Courses

Aurora Casket Company

"Advanced Arranger Training" 4, 6, or 8 CEU's
"Aurora Plant Tour" 1 or 2 CEU's
"Balanced Cremation Arrangement" 2 CEU's
"Becoming a Service Provider" 2 CEU's
"Beginning with the End in Mind" 2 or 3 CEU's
"Building Your Family's Trust" 2 or 3 CEU's
"Lifetimes: The Balanced Funeral Arrangement" 12 CEU's
"Making the Emotional Connection" 2, 3 or 4 CEU's
"Marketing Today and Tomorrow" 2 or 3 CEU's
"No Religion, Please - Meeting the Challenge" 2 CEU's
"Webinar" 2 CEU's
"9+1 Ways to be Creative" 2 CEU's

Location: Aurora, Indiana
Information: Lacy Robinson, CFSP, 800-457-1195 ext. 5662,,
1 - 16.0 CEU's

All Star Training INC

"Minnesota Funeral Director/Embaler " (3 CEU)
"MN Funeral" (15 CEU) Combined Course

Location: Online at
Information: John Mason, 817-385-1136,

Batesville Casket Company, Inc.

"Batesville Plant Tour and Product Knowledge"
"A Better Way to Assist Today's Value Driven Consumer"
"Googled...The Internet: My Friend and Occasional Enemy"
"Research to Results"
"Communicating With Families - Making More Effective Arrangements"
"Getting to Know the Cremation Consumer - An Initial Action Plan"
"The Zero Turn Lawnmower and Your Funeral Home Website"
"Creating Value for Families Through Meaningful Funeral Experiences"
"Using E-Business to Create a Meaningful Funeral Experience"
"Acting on Cremation Challenges Together"
" Bridging the Profitability Gap with Cremation"
"Sharpening the Saw of Personal and Organizational Effectiveness"

Location:  Batesville, Indiana
Information: Dave Shank, 812-931-5538,
1.0 - 3.0 CEU's  

"Batesville Casket Company Mobile Tour Center - Honoring Lives"

Location: Minnesota
Dates: To be announced
2.0 CEU's

"What's New in Burial and Cremation Personalization?"

Location: Various Locations
Information: Dave Shank, 812-931-5538,
1.0 CEU's  

Bryan Ventures, Inc.

"A Question of Ethics" 4 CEU
"Common Errors to Avoid" 4 CEU
"MA Eligibility & LTC Partnership" 4 CEU
"Fundamentals of Financial Stability" 2 CEU
"Annuity Suitability & Disclosure" 4 CEU
"Common Errors to Avoid" 4 CEU

Location:  Online
Category: General
Information:  Contact Renee E. Bryan at 651-257-8799 or

Brown-Wilbert, Inc.

"Funeral Home Hygiene and Hazmat Remediation" 2 CEU's
"Disinterment Hazards, Precautions and Procedures" 1 CEU
"Ceremonial Alternatives Within Funeral Service" 1 CEU
"When a Child Dies" 1 CEU
"Committal - The Final Goodbye?" 1 CEU
"Can I Be Honest With Myself?" 1 CEU
"Full Disclosure Versus Compliance" 1 CEU
"Media Influence on the Funeral Consumer Culture" 1 CEU
"Surviving and Serving" 1 CEU
"Art & Memorialization Workshop" 2 CEU's
"Cremation: Options and Alternatives" 3 CEU's
"HONOR: A New Age in Funeral Service" 1 CEU
"Issues Affecting Veterans" 1 CEU
"Profiles of the Interment Persuasion Seminar" 1 CEU
"The Informed Consumer/The Dynamics of Dialog" 1 CEU
"Words Have Meaning, Context and Compliance" 1 CEU
"Value and Viability: Adaption in a Changing Funeral Market" 2 CEU's
Location:  contact for location
Information: David Gavin, 651-631-1234

Cremation Association of North America

CANA's Online Crematory Operations Certification Program (8 CEU)

Location:  Online
Category: (3.5 CEU) Professional Practices, (2 CEU) Regulation and Ethics and (2.5 CEU) General
Information:  Jennifer Head (312) 245-1077 or

Funeral Director CEU'

"Principles and Practices of Green Burial in North America"

Information: Robin Heppell, CFSP, 250-744-3595,
3.0 CEU's

Education Workers Group

  • Helping Parents Help Children Cope with Death (1 CEU, General)
  • When Children Die - Guidance for the Final Arrangements (1 CEU, General)
  • Helping Parents Cope with Unexpected Death (1 CEU, General)
  • Understanding Hospice and Palliative Care (1 CEU, General)
  • Understanding Modern Funeral Customs (1 CEU, Professional Practices)
  • Upselling Without Upsetting the Client (1 CEU, General)
  • The Sociology of Death (2 CEU, General)
  • Funeral Products and the Environment (2 CEU, General)
  • Limiting Exposure to HIV/AIDS (2 CEU, Professional Practices)
  • OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes (2 CEU, Regulation and Ethics)
  • Complying with the FTC Funeral Rule (2 CEU, Regulation and Ethics)
  • Perinatal Bereavement and Memorialization (2 CEU, General)
  • Working With the Cemetery (2 CEU, Professional Practices)
  • Burial with Military Honors (3 CEU, Professional Practices)
  • Ethics, Attitude and Customer Service (3 CEU, Regulation and Ethics)
  • Funerary Ethics and Best Practices (3 CEU, Regulation and Ethics)
  • Restorative Art and Modern Techniques (3 CEU, Body Preparation, Care, or Handling)
  • Funeral Home and Herion Overdose Training (2 CEU, General)

Location: Online
Information: Barbara Cordone, 718-608-6000 or

"People Skills Advanced" (7 CEU)
"Executive Development Plan" (14 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Phone Skills" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Phone Skills Refresher" (4 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: People Skills" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: People Skills Refresher" (4 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: People Management Module II" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Introductory Arranger Training" (4 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Introductory People Management" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Funeral Director Skills - Module I" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Funeral Director Skills - Module II" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Funeral Director Skills - Module III" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Cremation" (7 CEU)
"Cycle of Excellence: Value Training" (7 CEU)

Location:  Contact for location
Information: Jillian Holzhueter, 727-822-4700,

"Religious Neutrality " (3 CEU)
"Business Identity" (3 CEU)
"You Can't Fake Authenticty" (3 CEU)
"The Shopper" (3 CEU)
"Habits of Effective Embalmers" (3 CEU)
"World Religions" (3 CEU)

Location: Online
Information: Lee Barringer (204) 952-7741 or

Funeral Service Academy

"Complying with the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule" 4 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"Embalming: Autopsies and Organ/Tissue Donors" 1 CEU's - Body Preparation, Care, or Handling
"Embalming Diseases and Conditions" 3 CEU's - Body Preparation, Care, or Handling
"Essentials for Funeral Professionals" 12 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"Funeral Home Safety Overview" 1 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"Grief and Cultural Competence: Jewish Traditions" 1 CEU's - Professional Practices
"Grief and Cultural Competence: Hispanic Traditions" 1 CEU's - Professional Practices
"Grief and Cultural Competence: The African American Diaspora" 1 CEU's - Professional Practices
"OSHA Compliance Guidance for Funeral Homes" 7 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"Safety within Funeral Homes" 2 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"Communicable Disease and Funeral Professionals" 1 CEU's - Professional Practices
"OSHA Compliance Guidance for Funeral Homes - Part 1" 3 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics
"OSHA Compliance Guidance for Funeral Homes - Part 2" 3 CEU's - Regulation and Ethics

Location: Online
Information: Customer Service, 888-909-5906, or


"Donation Update/Focus on the Funeral Director" 1 CEU

"Organ, Tissue and Eye donation: Partner" 1 CEU

Location: Minnesota Funeral Homes or LifeSource Building
Information: Kathy Hicks

Matthew's International Casket Division

"Cremation" 3 CEU's
"Cremation - Seeing the Arrangement Process Through the Consumer's Eye" 3 CEU's
"The Ethics of Funeral Arrangements Seminar" 2 CEU's
"The Devil is in the Details - Customer Loyalty" 2 CEU's
"90 Minute Miracle and MFG Plant Tour" 6 CEU's
"A Fresh Look at the Future" 8 CEU's
"Focus on Your Future Seminar" 12.25 CEU's
"Focus on Your Future - Consumers and Their Power to Shape the Future" 4 CEU's
"Hardwood Casket Construction and Manufacturing Plant Tour" 2 CEU's
"Organ, Tissue and Eye donation: Partner " 1 CEU's
" " 1 CEU's

Location: York, PA
Information: Ms. Jay Diaz, 412-995-1669,

Memory Vision

"Using Technology to Market Funeral Services" 2 CEU's

Location: Minnesota Funeral Homes
Information: Alan Naumann, 612-722-0588,

SCI Management - Dignity University

"Managing Change" 1 CEU - General
"Workplace Harassment" 2 CEU - General
"Workplace Diversity" 1.5 CEU - General
"Workplace Discrimination" 1 CEU - General
"Trenching and Excavation Safety" 1 CEU - General
"The Cremation Consumer" 1.5 CEU - Professional Practices
"Supervision in Action" 21 CEU - General
"Securing Payments" 1 CEU - General
"Performance Management" 1 CEU - General
"Office Safety" 1.5 CEU - General
"Managing for Excellence" 8 CEU - General
"Cremation Procedures" 1 CEU - General
"Lockout/Tagout" 1 CEU - Regulation and Ethics
"Jewish Funeral Traditions" 1 CEU - Professional Practices
"Hospice Explained" 1 CEU - Professional Practices
"Hearing Conservation" 1.5 CEU - General
"Hiring, Training and Retaining High Performing Associates" 1 CEU - General
"Hazard Communications" 1.5 CEU - Regulation and Ethics
"FTC - Funeral Rule" 2 CEU - Regulation and Ethics
"Formaldehyde Monitoring Training" 1 CEU - Regulation and Ethics
"Identification Procedures" 1 CEU - Body Preparation, Care, or Handling
"Back Safety" 1.5 CEU - General
"Bloodborne Pathogens" 1.5 CEU - General
"Complaint Resolutions" 1 CEU - Professional Practices
"Cremation Theory" 2 CEU - Professional Practices
"Defensive Driving" 1.5 CEU - General
"Effective Employee Counseling" 1 CEU - General
"Effective Supervision" 1 CEU - General
"Effective Telephone Communication" 1 CEU - Progessional Practices
"Fire Safety" 1 CEU - General
"Forklift Safety" 1 CEU - General

Location:  LMS - Dignity University
Information:  Kara Haese 713-525-7502 , email:

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