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Administrative Simplification (e-billing, common billing and coding)

Minnesota Health Care Administrative Simplification Act (ASA) | Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC) | Minnesota Uniform Companion Guides - rules

Certificates and Records

    Birth Certificates

Certified birth certificate | Apostilles | Non-certified copy of a birth record | Birth records after an adoption | Changing a birth record | Adding a father to a birth record (establishing paternity) | Birth resulting in still birth
    Death Certificates
Certified death certificare | Non-certified copy of a death record | Changing a death record

Data/Health Statistics

(For data produced and collected by this division check relevant topic categories)

Electronic Health Records, Health Information Technology and e-Health

Assessment | Broadband | Electronic Health Records (EHRs) |
| Funding and incentives | Health information exchange | HITECH Act | Meaningful use| MN e-Health Initiative | Privacy and security | Standards | Telehealth | Workforce and training

Father's Adoption Registry

Minnesota Father's Adoption Registry

Grants and Loans

    Health care work force
Clinical dental education | Health career promotion (K-12) | Loan forgiveness | Primary care loan fund | Summer health care intern
    Health care clinics, facilities
Capital Improvements | Community clinics |Electronic health record loans | FQHCs | Indian health | Migrant health | Rural hospitals | Rural pharmacies |

Health Workforce

Data analysis and reporting | Shortage area designations | J-1 Visa waivers | Loan forgiveness

Minnesota Health Reform

    Health Care Homes
Health Care Homes (aka Medical Homes)
    Quality, Cost and Payment Reform
Health Care Quality Measures | Quality Incentive Payment System | Payments for care coordination | Provider Peer Grouping and Encounter Data Collection | Baskets of Care

Health Information Technology

    Other health care reform

Patient Safety

28 "Never Events" | Adverse Health Care Events Reporting System | Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety | Health Care Quality Measures - Statewide Quality Report | Patient Safety Information for Consumers, Patients and Families


(the 2 links below connect to data received and reports produced by the division relating to topic categories)

Health Statistics available from Health Policy Division
Data collected by Health Policy Division

Rural and underserved urban Minnesotans

    Community Assessment

Rural Health Works
    Critical Access Hospitals
Rural Hospital Flexibility Program | Survey preparation | EMS | Flex Grants | Quality and performance improvement
    Financial Assistance
See under Grants and Loans
    Health Information Technology
Rural and safety net HIT resources | Broadband | Funding and incentives | Telehealth
    Health Workforce
Data analysis and reporting | Shortage area designations | J-1 Visa waivers | Loan forgiveness
    Underserved urban
Federally Qualified Health Centers
    Rural Health Access
Minnesota Rural Health Plan | Rural health clinics | Rural Health Advisory Committee


Minnesota State Trauma System | Trauma Registry

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