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About Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management provides a wide range of human resource management services. These services contribute to the ability of MDH to protect, improve and maintain the health of Minnesotans.  This means providing quality and responsive human resource management advice and service.

Our services include personnel administration, working in partnership with managers and supervisors at all levels of MDH in furthering sound management practices and ensuring that the standards of civil service law, collective bargaining agreements and department policies and procedures are maintained. 

Google Directions & Map to Our Office. Attention: Non-MDH link. We are located on the 1st floor of the Freeman Office Building, 625 Robert Street North, St. Paul.

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Human Resource Management Programs

You can view the HRM Office organizational chart here (PDF).

Personnel Management
The Personnel Management function of the Department includes providing a wide range of full service human resource management services. Utilizing the framework of the State's civil service system, this activity includes recruitment, all staffing and job filling activities, job evaluation and classification, labor/management relations, employee relations, employee compensation and benefit program administration, workforce planning, employee performance management consulting, discipline and grievance resolution, human resource policy development and administration and employee payroll activities.   Through a "team" system, aligned with the overall department organizational structure, human resource professional and support staff work in partnership with their assigned divisions to ensure a productive and effective workforce and work environment.

Workforce Diversity/Affirmative Action
Through a variety of methods, the Office of Workforce Diversity works to increase the cultural competence  of staff so that they can be more effective in serving a diverse community.  It works in collaboration with all employees to bring them closer together and create a cohesive work environment for all.  It ensures that our recruitment and selection strategies emphasize the importance of a diverse workforce.   It also develops and administers the MDH Affirmative Action Plan (PDF), investigates complaints of discrimination and maintains a centralized monitoring and reporting system for internal and external use of the results of our affirmative action and diversity efforts.

Center for Workforce Development
The Center for Workforce Development designs, arranges, conducts and administers a wide variety of training and developmental activities to build the capacity of MDH employees. It develops and administers agency training and development policies; provides consultations to managers, supervisors and all employees in individual employee development planning; provides executive and individual coaching; provides customized facilitation; and provides technical assistance in effective training and development theory and practices. It arranges a variety of self-development activities including references, self-study material, and computer based training activities.  It plans department-wide training efforts and evaluates their effectiveness. 

Employee Health and Safety
The Employee Safety Office establishes and administers an on-going effort to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.  It develops and administers department-wide safety policies and strategies and programs to ensure employee safety.  It provides consultation and technical assistance to managers and supervisors and all employees regarding safety.  It monitors the work environment for safety, conducts inspections, investigates complaints, administers the MDH Workers Compensation program and provides centralized reporting of safety conditions and issues.

For more information the Human Resource Management Office can be reached at (651)201-5770

Minnesota Department of Health
Human Resource Management
625 Robert Street North
P. O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55064-0975

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