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How Do I Get a Job at the Minnesota Department of Health?

If you've never applied for a job in the public sector, the process might seem complicated. But it isn't. It breaks down into three simple steps:

    1. Stay Informed
    2. Submit a Good Application
    3. Follow Up and Network

1. Stay Informed

If you're interested in jobs at the Minnesota Department of Health, this website is your best place to watch for new opportunities. Our Current Job Openings at MDH page is automatically updated daily with new job opportunities. You can use a subscription management product called Govdelivery to automatically get emailed updates to the job page whenever they occur. On the postings page, look in the top right for the "Email Updates" icon.

In addition, we frequently publicize job opportunities via our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Friend or follow us on those networks to receive updates. Learn about our Mission, Values and Goals. Keep track of our various committees and divisions and programs. Watch "A Public Health Journal" and hear what our Commissioner has to say. Find out about conferences and events and our involvement in Local Public Health.

2. Submit a Good Application

All job postings contain clear instructions as to how to apply to a specific job. We use a resume search tool called Recruiting Solutions to store/sort/query all of the candidates who apply for jobs. You can learn more about Recruiting Solutions and submitting applications at You can also submit a traditional paper application and resume for any job. In either case, don't submit a "generic" resume. Be sure to:

  • Highlight your job-relevant knowledge, skills and abilities (this should be tailored each time you apply for a specific job)
  • Highlight your job-relevant prior experience or education
  • Be clear in why you want to work at the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Pay close attention to the posted "minimum qualifications" and "preferred qualifications"

Because we are a public sector employer with union contracts, we do have specific requirements about how we post jobs and who we can place into jobs. As a job applicant, you don't need to worry about that. Just submit the best resume for the job you are interested in and we'll figure out the rest.

3. Follow up and Network

We get LOTS of applications for jobs and submitted resumes but very few applicants are good at following up. If you are invited to an interview, make sure you get contact information for the people you are interviewing with and follow up with a "thank you" letter. We make every effort to keep job applicants informed at all job filling stages, but if for some reason you apply for a specific job and never receive any kind of response, follow up with the contact person listed on the job posting.

Network with school organizations, colleagues, professional organizations and members of the public health community. Use your own personal networks to find out about opportunities at the Department of Health. Recruiting data tells us that a large number of new hires find out about jobs from someone who already works at MDH. Get to know an MDH employee!


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