Human Resource Management - Overview

Human Resource Management - Overview

The Department of Health serves all types of Minnesotans.  Some of them shown here.More than just a paycheck. Our work is about PEOPLE

We believe that employees are state government's most valuable asset. That's why competitive salaries and excellent benefits - including a comprehensive medical, dental and life insurance programs, retirement, flex-time, telecommuting and great opportunities for advancement are offered. We believe our excellent work environment is a major factor in promoting high levels of employee health, longevity and satisfaction. The State of Minnesota is Minnesota's largest employer - and because the scope of services that we provide to citizens is large and varied, there is an excellent chance that we have the right job for you - whatever your profession, occupation or career interest might be!

But the best thing about working for the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is knowing that your work contributes to the health and wellness of all people in Minnesota. Minnesota is known as one of the healthiest states in the nation. Much of the credit for our good health is due to the state's strong public health system. Public health programs that promote clean water, safe food, quality health care and healthy choices are contributing to longer, healthier lives. While we may be best known for responding to disease outbreaks, promoting immunizations, or issuing "boil orders" for contaminated water, our activities are diverse and far-reaching.

For us, a diverse workforce is essential to achieving our mission. The strength of the department lies with its employees, all extremely dedicated to protecting, maintaining and improving the public's health. Our employees work in a wide range of occupations covering more than 225 job classifications. Some examples include specialists in the areas of: planning, administration, epidemiology, scientific research, nursing, information technology, web design, communications, research analysis and laboratory technology.

Whether you are in a clerical, technical, professional or managerial position, your work adds tremendous value to the citizens of this state. Twin Cities offices or one of seven field offices around the state.

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