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The State of Minnesota employs more than 50,000 people at more than 100 agencies, boards and colleges. From Crookston, to the Twin Cities, to Rochester, at any given time, there are hundreds of job opportunities throughout the state.

The Minnesota Department of Health hires approximately 200 employees a year to fulfill its mission of "Protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans." If you've never applied for a job with us before, you might want to read "How do I get a job at MDH?"

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Job Postings

To view specific postings, use Job ID in "keywords" search at Minnesota Careers Job Search or use the links below.

  21121  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21122  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21123  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21124  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21125  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21126  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  21128  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  03/21/2018  03/20/2019
  24768  HRD  205-MNA  NURSING EVALUATOR 2:001613  06/26/2018  03/20/2019
  26466  PHL  214-MAPE  BACTERIOLOGIST 1:000111  10/09/2018  10/18/2018
  26961  EH  214-MAPE  PLANNER SENIOR STATE:000837  10/02/2018  10/15/2018
  27035  HPCD  214-MAPE  EPIDEMIOLOGIST PRINCIPAL:001931  10/08/2018  10/22/2018
  27108  HPCD  214-MAPE  PLANNER PRINCIPAL STATE:000510 (Health)  10/12/2018  10/25/2018
  27289  OSHII  214-MAPE  RESEARCH SCIENTIST 2:000608  10/10/2018  10/19/2018
  27290  PHL  214-MAPE  RESEARCH SCIENTIST 2:000608  10/09/2018  10/18/2018
  27349  HPCD  207-AFSCME_Tech  MEDICAL RECORDS TECH 2:001475  10/10/2018  10/19/2018
  27359  HRM  214-MAPE  TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST 3:000996  10/08/2018  10/22/2018
  27458  IDEPC  214-MAPE  HEALTH PROGRAM REP INTER:001377  10/11/2018  10/22/2018
  27467  IDEPC  214-MAPE  EPIDEMIOLOGIST INTERMEDIATE:001930  10/11/2018  10/24/2018

You may also view/search all state jobs here OR contact the State of Minnesota's Job Information Line at 651-259-3637. This number is answered 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.


Use Internet Explorer 9 or 11 (in enterprise mode) or Safari 5.1.7 as your web browser when searching or applying for jobs.

To view a job posting:

  1. Navigate to Minnesota Careers and choose to get started as an external applicant. Example:
    screenshot... careers page example
  2. In the "Keywords" field, enter the Job ID for the posting and click the Search button. Example:
    screenshot... keywords search example

  3. Click on the linked job title in search results to view posting. Example:
    screenshot... search results example

  4. Use "contact" options at bottom of posting for more information or use "Apply" button at bottom to submit resume.


The postings on this page are created from the Recruiting Solutions system and are posted for employees For more information on how to apply for jobs, see Minnesota Careers - Application and Selection Process.

To respond to a posting, you may contact the person listed at the bottom of the posting in writing or respond via E-mail.

MDH is committed to a diverse workforce. Please refer to our MDH Affirmative Action Plan (PDF) for details