Student worker classifications are designed to provide students in secondary, post-secondary and graduate study with employment that assists them in reaching identifiable goals.

No person may be employed as a student worker (in any student worker classification) for more than 36 total months.  All time employed as a student worker in any agency would count toward this total.

Upon initial appointment, the student must be enrolled in an educational program or planning to enroll within three months.  While students may be “off” for the summer or for one other semester/quarter and remain employed as student workers, such absences cannot exceed one semester/quarter in a year.  The student must terminate their student worker appointment upon graduation or completion of the educational goal or, if completing a project for the employing agency, within three months of graduation or completion of the educational goal.

To remain eligible for continued employment as a student worker, a student must be enrolled in high school or in a post secondary or graduate program.  If the student is enrolled at a credit-granting institution he or she must be carrying at least six semester (nine quarter) credits.  If enrolled at a non-credit granting institution or one that only offers one credit per class, the student must be taking two or more classes per semester/quarter.  Any lesser credit (class) load shall be treated as a semester/quarter off.  Graduate students must be enrolled in at least two courses or making progress on a dissertation.  Correspondence or GED classes will generally not satisfy enrollment criteria.

Student workers are required to fill out a Student Worker Educational Verification Form upon employment and every six months thereafter, to verify enrollment, completion of coursework, and progress toward an education goal.  This form needs to be filed in the Human Resources Management office. 

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