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A Special Report: Chlamydia Prevention

The Steering Committee of the MCP is excited to announce that a user-friendly version of the Minnesota Chlamydia Strategy has been completed. It is in booklet form, very attractive, professionally done, full of important information, easy-to-read, and much shorter!

You can download a printable version of the booklet A Special Report: Chlamydia Prevention (PDF), and a tip sheet containing ideas for ways to disseminate and work with the booklet in various communities, by going to The Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership (MCP) website. On this website you and others can gather more information on chlamydia, the MCP, and ideas for members of various sections of any community to use in planning to address the epidemic of chlamydia. You can also request copies for members of your community if you intend to use the booklet to increase awareness about chlamydia and possibly create or work with an already-existing local coalition to implement ideas in your community. We are hoping you and others, once they see the booklet and the ideas it contains, will feel inspired to work together and see what you can make happen across all sectors of your communities.

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For details on The Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership (MCP), how to hold a discussion group in your community on how you can participate in the Strategy, or to get involved in any other way, please join the mailing list, contact Candy Hadsall at 651-201-4015, Candy.Hadsall@state.mn.us or Kathy Chinn at 651-201-4008, Kathy.Chinn@state.mn.us.

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Updated Friday, September 16, 2016 at 11:01AM