Toolkit for Community Organizers: Steps for Addressing Chlamydia in Your Community - Step 8: Implement the Plan - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Step 8: Implement Plan

Toolkit for Community Organizers:
Steps for Addressing Chlamydia in Your Community

  • Assist coalition members with implementation of the group’s work plan.

  • Provide guidance to stay within the timeframe chosen by the group.

  • Anticipate and navigate barriers.

Kandiyohi County & CHAS


Description of plan and outcome

Materials & Resources

Provider Education

  • Plan: Present to ACMC providers over lunch hour; sufficient time not available, presentation declined
  • Video presentation by STD Nurse Specialist at MDH to ACMC nursing staff
  • Presentation by UMN Medical Student “Chlamydia: On the Rise in Minnesota”
  • ACMC Nursing staff trained on “It’s That Easy Parent Education Training -TV and Texting”

Chlamydia Screening Provider Toolkit

Parent Education Packets

  • Health education packets created by age group, early, middle and older adolescent
  • Providers gave packets to parents to facilitate sexual health conversations at home.

It’s that easy! (ITE)

  • Plan: Train 4-6 CHAS members to be Parent Peer Educators, contract educators to implement ITE in community; training unavailable
  • Teenwise implemented ITE curriculum in Willmar; offered in Spanish
  • Diversity of viewpoints among participants, still participants able to agree on ITE principles

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Ridgewater Community College 2013 Spring Health Fair

  • Tabling during health fair
  • Carnations handed out with attached message about chlamydia
  • Student survey conducted by nursing students

Alternative Learning Center Media Project

  • Service learning project to develop message increasing awareness of chlamydia
  • Debrief/focus group of students

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Other resources for parent education:


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