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Purpose and User Guide

Toolkit for Community Organizers:
Steps for Addressing Chlamydia in Your Community

To organizers

The writers of this toolkit assume that, because you are accessing this site, you are already familiar with the epidemic of chlamydia and are interested in organizing in your community to take actions that can help to reduce the rates of chlamydia and help prevent further increases. Therefore, only a brief overview of chlamydia is offered here. Please access other reputable sites for additional information on things like signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for chlamydia. A good one is:

How to use this toolkit

The MCP Model for Organizing Communities to Address Chlamydia is the foundation of this toolkit. The steps in this model are in chronological order for community organizing from the bottom up. You, however, may choose to use the steps in an order different from the model, or, you may choose some of the steps and not others. Apply the tools of the toolkit as they best fit your project.

The work of Kandiyohi County Public Health and Coalition for Healthy Adolescent Sexuality (CHAS) serves as a demonstration of the MN Chlamydia Strategy for this toolkit. These examples are highlighted in text boxes throughout the toolkit. Links to Kandiyohi tools are available and free for you to modify to best fit your organization’s goals and objectives. Learn more about CHAS on their facebook or CHAS webpage.

Other models

Explore other models of community organizing before making your master plan. Most models for community organizing are based on similar principles, but the way the content is presented in one may make more sense to you than another.

Share your work

Please share with us the work you have done in your community to address chlamydia. The MCP would love to see how you have used this toolkit. Submit examples of your work with our on-line form.

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