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Mark of Excellence

mark of excellence

Mark of Excellence is a partnership with community vaccinators to respond to public concerns about safety of influenza vaccinations in outreach settings (grocery stores, retail sites, pharmacies, and drop-in clinics). As part of the program the MDH Immunization Program provides training and site visits to assure that vaccines provided outside of a regular clinic setting are handled and administered according to best practices. Mark of Excellence is a voluntary, quality assurance program. Certification is on an annual basis.


  1. Create a unique program just for community vaccinators.
  2. Provide training to community vaccinators who deliver influenza vaccine in non-traditional settings. 
  3. Increase consumer confidence in influenza clinics in alternative or outreach settings.

Core components

  • Training includes information on the following:
    • Proper storage, handling, and transportation of vaccines
    • Guidelines for documentation and administration
    • Immunization practice information from the MN Boards of Nursing and Pharmacy
    • Recommendations for influenza and pneumococcal vaccine
    • Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), the statewide immunization registry
  • Site Visit
    During the site visit staff will review storage, handling and transportation policies, and documentation practices. Staff will then make appropriate recommendations and distribute related materials.
  • Completion of training and site visit
    Community vaccinators who attend training and complete a site visit will receive:
    • Mark of Excellence certificate
    • Buttons and posters
    • Mark of Excellence logo


Additional Resources

  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
    Information regarding the activities of the Board, pharmacy regulations for the State of Minnesota, and points of contact for the Board and staff. Attention: Non-MDH link

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