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Participate in FluSafe

Minnesota hospitals and nursing homes are eligible to participate in FluSafe. Participating in FluSafe is a great way to get set up with accurately tracking health care personnel flu vaccinations using the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) and get recognized for achieving high vaccination rates!

FluSafe has aligned its reporting with the "employee" category of the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)/Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) health care personnel flu vaccination reporting module:

  • A participating facility should report flu vaccination data on all health care personnel who:
    • receive a direct paycheck from the reporting facility (i.e., are on the facility's payroll), regardless of clinical responsibility or patient contact, and
    • are physically present in the facility for at least one working day from October 1 through March 31.

FluSafe 2016-17 Registration

If your facility would like to participate in FluSafe 2016-17, complete the FluSafe 2016-17 Registration form by October 14, 2016.

Note: Please register hospitals and nursing homes separately, even if they are part of the same organization. FluSafe recognizes these two care settings separately during public recognition.

FluSafe 2016-17 Timeline

FluSafe Activity Due By Date
Facilities register for the 2016-17 season October 14, 2016
Facilities fill out the FluSafe Spreadsheet October 2016-March 2017
Facilities finish data collection for FluSafe 2016-17 March 31, 2017
Facilities upload final, complete spreadsheets into MIIC April 14, 2017
MDH sends rate confirmation survey May 12, 2017
Facilities confirm rates through survey sent by MDH July 14, 2017
MDH publicly recognizes facilities that confirmed rates August 25, 2017
MDH sends FluSafe 2016-17 program evaluation September 1, 2017
MDH opens registration for FluSafe 2017-18 September 15, 2017

Instructions for Participating

  • MIIC and FluSafe Webinar
    Recorded Jan. 11, 2017 live webinar on how to use MIIC to participate in FluSafe. Webinar sections start at the following times:

    • Getting and Filling Out the Spreadsheet - 57 seconds
    • Uploading the Spreadsheet - 23 minutes, 47 seconds
    • Running FluSafe Reports - 27 minutes, 42 seconds

    • Streaming training may not work on all browsers or computers. If you have difficulties select "Recorded Sessions" in the left hand toolbar of the WebEx Training Center.
  • Getting and Filling Out the Spreadsheet (PDF)
    How to get and fill out a FluSafe spreadsheet to document your employee flu vaccination data.

  • Uploading the Spreadsheet (PDF)
    How to upload your FluSafe spreadsheet into MIIC.

  • Running FluSafe Reports (PDF)
    How to run FluSafe reports in MIIC to check your FluSafe data and calculate your current rate.


Contact the FluSafe Team at or 651-201-4629.

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