Past or Present Hepatitis C Infection Statistics

All reported hepatitis C cases with past or current hepatitis C infection. This includes persons who have been infected previously but do not have evidence of current infection.

As of Dec. 31, 2013, there were 40,943* persons who were reported to MDH and are assumed alive and living in Minnesota with past or present hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

*Includes persons with unknown city of residence.
Note: Includes all acute, chronic, probable chronic, and resolved cases.

Persons Living with HCV in MN by Current Residence, 2013

Total number with residence information = 40,033
(1,271 missing residence information)

Pie graph showing HCV rates by current residence.

Suburban Metro = Seven-county metro area including Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin (except Minneapolis), Ramsey (except St. Paul), Scott, and Washington counties including those in Hennepin or Ramsey counties with unknown city.
Greater Minnesota = All other counties outside the seven-county metro area.

Persons Living with HCV in MN by Age, 2013

persons living with HCV in MN by age

Persons Living with HCV in MN by Race Rates (per 100,000 persons*), 2013

persons living with HCV in MN by race rates

*Rates calculated using U.S. Census data. Excludes cases with multiple races and unknown race.

Data Limitations

  • The statistics rely on data from HCV cases diagnosed through 2013 and reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Hepatitis Surveillance System.

  • Some limitations of surveillance data:
    • Data do not include hepatitis-infected persons who have not been tested.
    • Data do not include persons whose positive test results have not been reported to MDH.
  • Persons are assumed to be alive unless MDH has knowledge of their death.

  • Persons whose most recently reported state of residence was Minnesota are assumed to be currently residing in Minnesota unless MDH has knowledge of their relocation.

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