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Quality Assurance Reports

  • Quality Assurance Reports (PDF)
    This document describes:
    1) how to access and run quality assurance reports;
    2) the report used to identify duplicate clients and how to report duplicate clients to MDH;
    3) the reports used to identify missing/incomplete information and how to make corrections; and
    4) how to save, download and print reports from Minnesota CAREWare.
    Revised 7/2014

Required Fields in Minnesota CAREWare

  • Required Fields in Minnesota CAREWare (PDF)
    This document describes the fields required in Minnesota CAREWare, identifies which fields are cross-provider (can be viewed/edited by all providers serving a particular client), and the frequency with which data entry/submission is required.
    Revised 11/2013

Minnesota CAREWare User Manual

The Minnesota CAREWare User Manual will continue to expand with additional information.

HRSA Resources for Standard CAREWare

For standard CAREWare user manuals, webcast trainings and supporting documentation, visit HRSA’s Ryan White CAREWare website.

hrsa training manual web page


For user manuals, click on the link for Supporting Documentation

hrsa web page with training manuals link

Support related to the standard CAREWare application is available Monday-Friday from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.
Support is available through:

  • A toll-free helpline at 1-877-CWHELP1 or 1-877-294-3571
  • A dedicated RW CAREWare email address at

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