Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention (CCCHAP)

The Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention, or CCCHAP, is a community planning group that advises the Minnesota Department of Health on its work related to HIV prevention. Specifically, the CCCHAP identifies and prioritizes the populations in Minnesota that are most at risk for becoming infected with or transmitting HIV. They also identify the priority co-factors that impact each population’s risk of HIV infection or transmission. Membership on the CCCHAP is selected by and composed of community members who represent the cultural and geographic diversity of the HIV epidemic in Minnesota.

For information related to CCCHAP meetings, contact Christine Jones at (651) 201-4038 or via email.

Announcing the name of the new planning body!

Over 60% of CCCHAP and Planning Council chose Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention as the new name of the planning body that will convene in January 2016. Congratulations Alejandro A. of the Planning Council for coming up with the new name! Alejandro will receive a $50 gift card for his winning entry.
Thank you to all who submitted names and voted for the new name!

The Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention is accepting applications for membership.

Submit your application today!

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For questions about the STD, HIV and TB Section, please contact us at (651) 201-5414.

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