Epidemiological Profile of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Epidemiological Profile of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota

Updated December 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
General Minnesota Demographics
Scope of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota

Risk Populations:

Ryan White and Unmet Need
Technical Notes

The epidemiological (epi) profile presents data on the HIV epidemic in the state of Minnesota. The profile is intended to give the Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention (MCHACP) a thorough understanding of the epidemic in our state. By showing who is becoming infected and who is living with the disease, the epi profile helps identify the people who are in need of prevention and care services, both those who are infected and those at risk. The epi profile serves as a starting point for MCHACP in their consideration of which prevention and care services are needed.

Download the entire Epidemiological Profile of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota: (PDF)

Updated 12/31/2015