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HIV Testing Form:

The HIV Test Form Template (PDF) is available for you to use to collect the data needed for entry into EvaluationWeb.

Templates (Luther Consulting):

Partner Services, Aggregate- and Client-Level Variables, Budget Allocations

Add/Edit Account Form:

The Add/Edit Account Form (PDF) or (Word) is used to set up an EvaluationWeb account and the correct permissions for a new user. The form is also used to change permissions for an existing user according to changes in job responsibilities.

User Agreement Form:

For new EvaluationWeb users only: The User Agreement Form (PDF) must be signed and submitted along with the Add/Edit Account Form when a new user account is being established.

Rules of Behavior:

In order to gain access to EvaluationWeb, new users must review the Rules of Behavior (PDF) and indicate their acknowledgement by signing the User Agreement Form above. In order to maintain access to EvaluationWeb, all users must review the Rules of Behavior and sign an acknowledgement by December 31st of each year (acknowledgement form will be provided by MDH on an annual basis).

Delete User Account Form:

The Delete User Account Form (PDF) or (Word) is used by the supervisor to advise MDH that a user should no longer have access to EvaluationWeb due to a change in job responsibilities or because the employee no longer works at the agency.


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